What Every Venture Capitalist Needs To Collaborate

The call came from a Silicon Alley based Venture Capital Firm,  Lee had been tasked with finding a project management solution that did more. Lee  explained that more and more often their in-house erp and intranet software was not robust enough or inclusive enough. He needed more. He wanted to be able to tightly restrict the rights of each user, see how many tasks were assigned to each project member, identify risks to the project, he wanted to attach files but only the person doing the task should see the file. Lee kept going, he wanted special reports to be auto emailed, he wanted to get a text message if there was a issue, and he wanted a Gantt chart that he could print out on the plotter printer so it could go in their war rooms.

As a customer support specialist I want to make sure that we were hitting his sweet spots. But collaborating online is all about the team, communication skills and leading from the front. So I asked him a few questions about how big his group was, what tools they were using now and about his position in the firm. After a few minutes I had a good handle on how this firm operates and collaborates.

Lee said that he has some free time so I setup a screen share session. I started by showing how we created users and our advanced granular control over users. We setup two projects one using traditional WBS layout and another project using a SCRUM layout. Lee was delighted with the results, commenting that each group worked and thought differently and it was great the Same-page had such flexibility. We spent some time reviewing the risk management function and the difference between recurring tasks and cloning a subset of tasks.

Lee and I spent 45 minutes on the phone and it was time to move on for both of us. I think we’ll add a new customer in a few weeks.

Managing Multiple Locations By Using Cloud Software

Follow these 4 tips for better extra-office communication between your office-based staff and other office locations.

1. Schedule weekly web meetings for your various working groups to keep everyone on the same page.

2. Use those web cams so your group members can see each other.

3. Don’t assign tasks randomly to your associates. Use project management software to organize routine tasks within a central project. The more automated your processes are the more harmonious

4. Have the management visit each remote location on a regular basis. Not possible- have the boss hold a quarterly web meeting with each location. Clear the air by using cloud software.

A Brief Overview Of The Key Elements Of Project Management Software

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If you frequently have to manage various projects, then Project Management Software may be the perfect piece of software for you.

Project Management Software and how it Works

This convenient software is especially designed to make life easier for people who dealing with large projects. However, there is not just one type of software. Project management software is actually a term for many different types of software. These may include resource allocation, scheduling and collaboration software. Each piece of software is designed to make dealing with large, complex projects an easier and more efficient task. There are a number of tasks that this useful software can help with and these include:

* Scheduling Scheduling various events in a project is one of the most common tasks people perform. The most common tasks people use this type of software for include arranging tasks to meet a deadline, dealing with any problems that may occur in the estimates of each task and dealing with different projects at one time.

* Providing Information All software relays information to various people as a justification of the amount of time that is spent using it. These tasks include providing staff with lists of the tasks that they need to complete, some information on how long the tasks should take to complete and further information with respect to the workload – holidays bookings etc. Information is also provided on how recent projects have been completed and the competence of those completing it.

The Key Elements of Project Management Software

A good management software has a number of uses not least of these is the ability to help staff to handle large projects efficiently and successfully. The software works in such a way that the task is often completed more thoroughly than that completed by people without the software. It will tell you what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, as well as exactly how long it should take. All businesses looking to increase their operating efficiency should have some form of this software. Many businesses suffer from missed deadlines or else some important element of the finished project is missing. With this software, however, it is virtually impossible to miss deadlines as the software will let you know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. This means that you know exactly what stage you are at in a project and this can be potentially invaluable when it comes to client retention. The software enables you to schedule tasks more effectively, making sure that important tasks are completed first, and only then moving on to those of lesser importance. This type of software is readily available online. You will find a huge selection and you can surf to your heart’s content in order to get the best deals, too. This software is an essential tool for all businesses that handle large projects on a regular basis.

Summary: Project Management Software is an essential tool for all businesses involved with large projects. It helps set deadlines for certain tasks, schedules them and informs those involved with the project what they should be doing. It is more efficient than other systems, or relying on memory and it therefore picks up on things that might otherwise have been missed. Article Source: www.Content-Syndication.org

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Project Management Software – Manage Your Projects With The Right Cloud Software

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Why purchase project management software? It will not increase the effectiveness of your project manager, only proper training, experience and a strong work ethic will do that. What it will do is to make a project manager more efficient and, as you know, efficiency is key when it comes to the proper management of your projects. The use of cloud based project management software means that certain tasks are likely to be carried out with greater efficiency. The easy accomplishment and swift completion of a project requires effective communication

with a project sponsor, the ability to make easy-to-follow assignments for other team members, and definition of the scope of a project, are all things that this convenient software can help you accomplish. You will be able to do these things with greater ease and in less time. There is plenty of software on the market nowadays and deciding on the product that is the most suitable for your needs can be difficult. The prices of management software can vary drastically, so it’s important that you choose a product that’s tailored to your specific needs and without any unnecessary peripherals. It makes little sense to purchase a $20,000 software package

when one that only costs $100 could have done the job. If you need a software that is more suited to a smaller project, then there are many relatively inexpensive software packages available on the internet or in your local computer store. These programs are great for small projects and it is easy to learn how to use them. Before buying this low-end software, try to ensure that it really does fulfill the company’s needs and that they won’t be taking on any larger projects in the foreseeable future as this will require a more sophisticated type of project management software. If you plan on embarking on large projects or multiple project management then you will need more advanced software. Microsoft Project and Same-Page eStudio 7 are two of the best known for dealing with projects. Stick to the better known software, as the likelihood that you’ll be able to find someone who knows how to use it is often much higher. This will reduce the time it takes to train someone to use the project management software. Many large companies have thrived for years without using a project management software. Don’t think that investing big bucks in software will magically take your company straight to the top. However, software, properly used, can give your company an edge over competing companies who have not invested the necessary time that it takes to choose and implement a software that is suited to their particular needs. Summary: If used properly, project management software will give a company the edge over its competitors. Take care, because with all the different types of software available, choosing the right one for your company can be difficult.

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Predicting Success With eStudio 7

Same-Page eStudio has been offering cloud computing solutions for ten years and has served over 25,000 companies and 500,000 users. Over this period of time we have been utilized by many different kinds of businesses. Some are “seed” companies that are basically little more than two people with a good business idea. Others are small businesses that have fewer than 50 people that operate from multiple locations. We’ve had many NFP or “dot orgs” that need to share data across a wide membership audience. We’ve also had our share of Fortune 500 companies that have embarked on new growth strategies that required creating “ad hoc” networks across strategic partners, consultants, and teleworkers. Each company that finds Same-Page eStudio is unique but they are all looking to our collaboration software to solve a specific problem by using one or more of our software tools.

Usually our customer interaction begins with a phone call or an email asking us “Can your software solve our project management, scheduling, document management, contact management, web conferencing, or community building problem?”. The question is coming from a single person who usually has a fact finder or leadership role in the business.

The inquiries from leaders tend to be the most successful. They are the ones that have been given the authority to actually make it happen. They make the decisions that drive their business forward. They are not afraid to take risks and like the rewards for challenges conquered. These people are even more likely to succeed if they are surrounded by people who can bring additional strengths to the process. An entrepreneur who brings in a project manager and a scheduler will be more likely to succeed than just managing it all themselves.

The inquiries from fact finder fail because the individual does not have the passion necessary to inspire the team.  If the collaboration problem is really big and painful and is endangering the life of the company then there is still a good chance that a “fact finder” can successfully get everybody on the same page.

During the initial contact we can predict the success of the initiative based upon the drive or passion of the potential customer, how well organized they are, their computer skills and their raw intelligence. If the initial contact is clicking around fast, has a list of researched based questions, and asking intelligent questions then we know that there is a good chance that they will be able to get eStudio to solve their collaboration problem. If the contact also exhibits good leadership skills and immediately wants to show the features to other stakeholders then success is highly likely.

Project Management Software Info

Project management software is integrated into Same-Page’s eStudio web-based software. In addition to a complete project management toolkit Same-Page’s eStudio offers all the tools needed for effective online collaboration – online calendars, online file sharing, and online contact management plus much more. Your team can access all of the online project management applications from any Mac OS, Windows or Linux computer that is connected to the Internet.

The eStudio web-based project management software can be customized to suit the unique requirements of your business. Our project management software application offers issue management, task dependencies, email notification, Gantt charts, supervisor logs and work logs. Existing projects can be cloned, saving time and improving efficiency. If you need more than a To-Do List but less than Ms Project than Same-Page eStudio could be the low cost answer for your business.

The online calendar module exports easily to popular applications and has both personal and group functionality. It enables users to track tasks, events and meetings, and it is viewable using group, personal and supervisor filters. It can easily be published to a website. Document management, slide shows, discussion boards, online chat, polls and online conferencing are all included in this powerful set of project management tools. Various levels of security and comprehensive management reporting make it easy to administer the system.

You can try our eStudio online project management software absolutely free for 30 days. When you decide to deploy it, our staff will be available to assist with free training sessions as needed. For a low monthly fee, you can quickly leverage the expertise of your employees and have them managing their projects easily and more cost effectively.

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