37 Signals Closes 9 Product Lines

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37 Signals has thrown in the towel on 9 products in order to concentrate on Basecamp. We have encountered many Basecamp customer who were dissatisfied with the lack of cross integration between their different product.

Here is the list from their website:
Ta-da List (2005), Writeboard (2005), Backpack (2005), Campfire (2006), The Job Board & Gig Board (2006), Highrise (2007), Sortfolio (2009), Know Your Company (2013), and We Work Remotely (2013).

Here is their official announcement

So listen up if you are a 37 Signals customer give us a call at 877-765-2655 to see if we can offer you a better, more complete collaboration toolset.

RIP: 37Signal Feb 5, 2014

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