4 Strategies to Secure your Corporate Network

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In today’s business environment, nothing is more vulnerable than your network. The FBI estimates that security breaches cause US businesses a loss of US$67.2 billion every year due to downtime and data losses.1

In order to keep your system functional and your employees productive, you need to be sure that your network is secure and safe from potential threats. A multi-layered approach is essential to safeguard traffic, ensure secure access to data, and prove the current and future value of your company.

To help you with creating a safe corporate network, here are four strategies.

1.     Create a Network Security Policy

Start by developing a formal security policy to protect your intranet or extranet environment from potential threats. The policy should clearly specify who is authorized to use the network, how the network can be used, what types of network activities are allowed, and which ones are prohibited. Besides, put in place a strong encryption and remote access policy to provide appropriate guidance to employees regarding safe networking practices.

2.     Secure the Network

2Use a self-defending network strategy to protect your environment from unique and unusual threats. Be sure that all the data traveling through the network is encrypted and generated by authenticate users. Integrate high-end encryption and authentication tools to empower the system with self-defense mechanism.

In addition to this, install smart network monitoring tools to identify and culminate tempering and other security breaches just as the issue arises. Moreover, arrange for surveillance of network equipment and building to monitor the site for suspicious activities.

3.     Use a Secure Backup Plan3

Data protection should essentially be a part of your IT strategy. Using the approach, your business may survive everything from accidental file deletion to natural catastrophic event.

As a best practice, backup data should be stored in a secure, remote location away from the primary site of your business. This may ensure optimal protection of data from physical and cyber threats.

4.     Get Employees Involved

Your employees can play a crucial role in protecting your business network. Without proper knowledge of data security issues, your employees may not understand their role in keeping the system safe and protected. It is best to involve them in protecting the network by providing them with appropriate training and informative materials about security, as well as their role in preserving the integrity of the corporate network.

Owing to the growing network security issues, system security should be an essential in your corporate budget items. To learn how you can develop a safe corporate network, contact us online or call us at 877-765-2655.

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