How Does My Business Get A Good Adaptation Rate for Collaboration Software?

The reality is that each and every business is unique. The ability to benefit from collaboration collaboration depends on getting a good product fit with the workers core competencies and business culture. If there is average rate of computer competency in your business then you should be able to be deploy cloud software successfully.

As a customer support specialist at I help our customers get started using our collaboration software. I find a pretty high adaptation rate when the company has found us after entering a “pain cycle”. Everyone’s scheduling are out of whack, nobody knows which file is the right one to approve, a major project has gotten bogged down or a customer has been forgotten. Usually the business “pain” stimulus drives solution acceptance by its users. Sometimes more pro-active interaction is required.

Our new Forms Tool will allow you to create forms that can be inserted to extend the interaction a user might have with the collaboration software.

Should You Be In The Cloud?

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Recently the big technology companies have taken to using the term “cloud” as a way of marketing SaaS to non-tech users. From Microsoft putting “your photos” in the cloud to Cisco pushing “cloud meetings” the advertisers are having a field day. Why? Could it be because “cloud” is easier for consumers to get their heads around than “software as a service”. But is “cloud” software the right solution for business.

The following articles speak to the debate:

We are interested in your thoughts about this debate.

Managing Multiple Locations By Using Cloud Software

Follow these 4 tips for better extra-office communication between your office-based staff and other office locations.

1. Schedule weekly web meetings for your various working groups to keep everyone on the same page.

2. Use those web cams so your group members can see each other.

3. Don’t assign tasks randomly to your associates. Use project management software to organize routine tasks within a central project. The more automated your processes are the more harmonious

4. Have the management visit each remote location on a regular basis. Not possible- have the boss hold a quarterly web meeting with each location. Clear the air by using cloud software.