4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Collaboration Upgrade

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As businesses continue to be more complex and dynamic, collaboration is increasingly becoming challenging in the modern corporate environment.

With that in mind, experts are consistently coming up with tools and capabilities to enable businesses to collaborate more effectively. As a result, collaboration technology has taken many forms – from simple messaging to project management programs – to help organizations focus on specific elements while trying to integrate various functions.

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Your Key to Success Just Might Be Document Management Software – Here Are Some Tips For Buying

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The Rising Cost of Business & a Step Toward the ‘Office of the Future’

We live in a technologically advanced world that has, in the recent decade, taken leaps and bounds into the future. We’ve reached Mars and found traces of water. We have cars that now drive themselves. Yet, an astonishing 73 percent of businesses still rely on printing for their business processes. Along with that statistic, imagine the costs that are associated with the printing. Costs, which if minimized, can result in substantial increase in year end profits.

Alan Purchase, senior industrial economist at Stanford Research Institute says, “Costs in the office are running uncontrolled. Where office costs used to be 20% to 30% of the total in a company, they have now grown to 40% to 50% of all costs.”

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Are You Making These 4 Most Common Project Management Mistakes?

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The bigger the project, the more mismanagement is likely to occur. It’s a pretty straightforward equation. Too many businesses lose too much money on trying to effectively – and concurrently –manage a large number of projects with various employees, at different time periods.

Mistakes occur that can put your project on a hold. However, they’re not inevitable. Some of the leading intranet solutions experts spoke to their project management clients. And here are some mistakes that they’ve highlighted:

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Five of The Most Common Internal Communication Mistakes Your Business Is Making

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33Connecting The Unconnected

We know that internal communication is an imperative factor for business success. Yet, a 2012 poll by Gallup states that 70 percent of U.S. employees are not engaged at work. When approximately 20-25 percent of your productivity can be enhanced by a connected workforce, what are the factors that are holding your business back? What are the internal communication mistakes that your business is making?

If you’re relying too much on email and calls, it’s time to revise your business communication strategy. But first, let’s focus on these common mistakes that you could be making:

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4 Biggest Business Challenges & How Cloud Technology Resolves It

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Globalization has transformed the world as we know it, including our business operations and workflow processes. Regardless of the size of the company – whether a large corporation looking for strategic action or small startup trying to hit the ground running – technology today offers us the means to leverage our strengths and alleviate our weaknesses; basically developing one heck of competitive edge!

Cloud infrastructure is the icing on that technological cake, helping businesses overcome numerous challenges. What are these challenges? We identify four most pertinent business challenges that impede business, and how cloud software is saving the day.

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5 Ways You Can Streamline Work Flow Management With Project Management Software Solutions

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UntitledBusinesses operate in constant chaos. Because of the numerous standard operating procedures, there is quite a bit of confusion and mismanagement in handling small and medium sized projects. What tasks need to be accomplished? Who is available? What are the deadlines? Who should be assigned? These are just a few of the infinite range of problems that project managers have to face.

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