Five of The Most Common Internal Communication Mistakes Your Business Is Making

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33Connecting The Unconnected

We know that internal communication is an imperative factor for business success. Yet, a 2012 poll by Gallup states that 70 percent of U.S. employees are not engaged at work. When approximately 20-25 percent of your productivity can be enhanced by a connected workforce, what are the factors that are holding your business back? What are the internal communication mistakes that your business is making?

If you’re relying too much on email and calls, it’s time to revise your business communication strategy. But first, let’s focus on these common mistakes that you could be making:

Mistake 1: Relying Too Much On the Old Fashioned Methods

Ideas, memos or meeting schedules that rely on top managers ‘cascading’ it down to their staff is not only inefficient, but time consuming too. Trickled down briefings run the risk of getting diluted, and ultimately, losing its true essence. After all, individuals have their own perceptions. Furthermore, the chances of the message reaching all its intended recipients at the right time are not always guaranteed.

Opting for intranet software for small business allows your employees to access information and data from any device at any place and time.

Mistake 2: Not Encouraging Intranet Participation

In a survey conducted by Prescient Digital Media, it was estimated that few employees – about 13 percent participated in their intranet daily; while 31 percent said they never do. If there is a change to be implemented, it must begin from the top. The main objective of the intranet is that it must help organize your work processes, and make the job easier for your employees. Make the use of the intranet as part of the organizational culture.

Mistake 3: Sending Out Too Much Information

A system that isn’t streamlined is no system at all. Avoid sending messages to staff that does not concern them. This makes them wary and jaded, and they fail to pay attention to even the pertinent information. If you’re sending out information of sales figures, make sure it is your sales team and your finance department who’s getting it; instead of the supply chain. Good information is all about providing the right information so that they don’t waste time wading through mountains of information.

Mistake 4: The Use of Jargon34

Simplicity is key. Yet, an IABC report states that just 21 percent of communicators claim that they keep their language simple and jargon-free. Remember, your employees’ effectiveness in accomplishing the task is link

ed with the company’s success. If they misunderstand your message content, this could result in heavy losses. So before hitting that send button, make sure

to read your message one last time.

Mistake 5: Not Measuring Internal Communication

Having well-established metrics in place is essential to gauge the level of success. Unsurprisingly so, 60 percent of businesses still do not measure their internal communication. How can you accomplish that? If you’re using an intranet for your small or medium business, take a look at unique user logins to measure the level of participation; when working with project management software, ask your manager if the tools have assisted him or her in efficiently assigning tasks and managing projects.

Does your intranet or collaborative software allow you to overcome the above mistakes? If not, it’s time to reevaluate your options. At Same-Page, we offer you the best project management software features and organization tools that allow employees to assign tasks, share content, follow leads and collaborative across boundaries!

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