eStudio 7 Soft Launch

Starting today 07/08/09 everyone can log in to the new eStudio 7 interface. Over the last four years Same-Page read all your feedback emails and noted your comments during webinars and phone support. Based on this information a new eStudio 7 design has evolved. It has taken almost 12 months to rebuild the underlining eStudio code with our latest round of improvements and to craft the new design elements. We’d like to thank those that help contribute to Alpha & Beta testing.

Top 5 Benefits
Easier To Use – new layout is sleek with iphone button navigation.
No Pop-ups – no more annoying alert prompts from Internet Explorer.
Customizable – use the new color picker widget, drag & drop, and rich text editing to engage your users.
Faster – using web 2.0 standards database calls are 10X faster.
Safer – new security protocols and backup procedures.

eStudio 7 now available on server for Quality Assurance testing

On June 2, 2009  Same-Page installed the new version of eStudio 7 on a live production server.  A special URL was sent out to10  selected Alpha testers.  These testers are looking for broken code, browser conflicts, uniformity of design element locations.

Quality Assurance testing will be closed on July 12, 2009