eStudio 7 Soft Launch

Starting today 07/08/09 everyone can log in to the new eStudio 7 interface. Over the last four years Same-Page read all your feedback emails and noted your comments during webinars and phone support. Based on this information a new eStudio 7 design has evolved. It has taken almost 12 months to rebuild the underlining eStudio code with our latest round of improvements and to craft the new design elements. We’d like to thank those that help contribute to Alpha & Beta testing.

Top 5 Benefits
Easier To Use – new layout is sleek with iphone button navigation.
No Pop-ups – no more annoying alert prompts from Internet Explorer.
Customizable – use the new color picker widget, drag & drop, and rich text editing to engage your users.
Faster – using web 2.0 standards database calls are 10X faster.
Safer – new security protocols and backup procedures.

Calendar Software

Same-Page software is used by entrepreneurs, work groups and supervisors. That is why we designed our calendar software with three views–to address the particular requirements of these different user categories. Our Member Event calendar lets users manage events and meetings that involve multiple users. Our Team Event calendar is used to share events with everyone and the Supervisor calendar view allows supervisors to monitor everyone’s events.

Same-Page’s calendar software can be used to schedule meetings, send out e-mail notifications, and send RSVPs. You can publish company events to your website, send reminders automatically, and post reports via e-mail. Hyperlinks are inserted directly into the online calendar and events can be exported to Outlook. All of the features needed to keep your business on time, on track and on the same page are available via our user-friendly web-based interface.

You can add as many users as you like for a low monthly fee. When you have outgrown the 150 megabyte storage allocation, you have the option to purchase more. Our calendar software is part of a suite of more than 20 tools included in an eStudio.

We host the software on our servers and keep it updated and backed up. You have no software to purchase or download. Try it free for 30 days. You will be amazed at how quickly your employees will be using the online calendar and other groupware applications to communicate more effectively. They will be adding their calendar activities, sharing documents, posting to discussion boards and maintaining their contacts with ease and efficiency.

Collaboration Software Free Trial

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Collaboration Software

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eStudio’s online tools are designed for businesses that need to increase productivity and improve communications between workers and clients. Currently eStudio’s software tools are being utilized by: Publishers, Financial Management Firms, Graphic Designers, Video Production Facilities, Educators, Web Designers, Software Developers, Public Sector Administrators, Public Relation Firms, Building Contractors, Advertising Agencies, Trade Show Exhibit Builders and many other types of businesses.

Manage projects, calendars, contacts and files with a cloud computing based solution that gives you all these project management and collaboration tools:

  • WorkSpace – user restricted folders and document management
  • Review and Approval – workflow tool
  • Version Control – sign out files
  • Discussion Boards – community building – knowledge base
  • Live Chat – secure with saved transcript
  • Accounting – to track budgets and expenses
  • Company Calendar – share company events among users
  • Personal Calendar – to track schedules and next-step responsibilities
  • Scheduler Calendar – set schedules for other
  • Calendar Export – export calendar events for easy import into Outlook
  • Publish Calendar – share company events with visitors to your website
  • Contact Manager – user restricted folders with contact notes
  • eManager – create users, set privileges
  • eStudio Customizations – customize the color scheme of your eStudio
  • Messaging Administration – manage and customize email notifications
  • Presentations – create slide shows
  • Polling – let your group vote on logos, policies
  • TaskTracker – user based project management simplified
  • Supervisor Report – get granular reports on active projects
  • Gantt Chart – draw visual representations of all ptasks in your projects
  • Issue Reporting – communicate obstacles among project users
  • WorkLog Recording – record hours and description of activities
  • WebLinks – create secure links to important web pages and blogs
  • Access Logs – know who logged in to work and when they logged out
  • Vault – private secure FTP upload areas
  • Track Budget – create a master budget
  • Record Expenses – centrally record user expenses
  • Reception – Add Messages to turn your Reception area into a portal
  • eTeams – custom email distribution lists
  • Client Extranets – secondary eStudios to keep each clients portfolio separate
  • Online Back-up – use our FTP tools to backup business critical files
  • QuikNotes – intranet based post-it notes

eStudio 7 now available on server for Quality Assurance testing

On June 2, 2009  Same-Page installed the new version of eStudio 7 on a live production server.  A special URL was sent out to10  selected Alpha testers.  These testers are looking for broken code, browser conflicts, uniformity of design element locations.

Quality Assurance testing will be closed on July 12, 2009