Are You Making These 4 Most Common Project Management Mistakes?

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The bigger the project, the more mismanagement is likely to occur. It’s a pretty straightforward equation. Too many businesses lose too much money on trying to effectively – and concurrently –manage a large number of projects with various employees, at different time periods.

Mistakes occur that can put your project on a hold. However, they’re not inevitable. Some of the leading intranet solutions experts spoke to their project management clients. And here are some mistakes that they’ve highlighted:

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Five of The Most Common Internal Communication Mistakes Your Business Is Making

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33Connecting The Unconnected

We know that internal communication is an imperative factor for business success. Yet, a 2012 poll by Gallup states that 70 percent of U.S. employees are not engaged at work. When approximately 20-25 percent of your productivity can be enhanced by a connected workforce, what are the factors that are holding your business back? What are the internal communication mistakes that your business is making?

If you’re relying too much on email and calls, it’s time to revise your business communication strategy. But first, let’s focus on these common mistakes that you could be making:

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Lighthouse Point Condo Association- Live & Active

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The folks at Lighthouse Point did a great job in January of launching eStudio for their condo owners.
So far in February they have:
Posted 2 Calendars events for owners
Posted 3 Event for Board and Committee members
Added 2 Minutes files
Added 2 New announcements
Of the 65 owners only 2 have not logged in yet

It will be great to see what they add next.