Lighthouse Point Condo Association- Live & Active

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The folks at Lighthouse Point did a great job in January of launching eStudio for their condo owners.
So far in February they have:
Posted 2 Calendars events for owners
Posted 3 Event for Board and Committee members
Added 2 Minutes files
Added 2 New announcements
Of the 65 owners only 2 have not logged in yet

It will be great to see what they add next.

Homeowners and Condo Associations

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In American many developer based communities have Associations that everyone pays dues to in order to maintain the common areas, infrastructure and for legal guidelines or “covenants”.

Working with Carl Lighthouse Point Condominiums Same-Page helped configure eStudio 7 to serve their 65 unit owners and the LPA Board of Directors. They decided that core collaborations tools are needed for Board Meetings scheduling (and automated reminders) , storing and maintaining a common centralized document of Rules and Regulations, Owners Manual, Forms for Special Request.

Here is how we worked together

  • Met with Board to explain cloud collaboration benefits
  • Board President gathered up data to be uploaded
  • Created multiple user access levels
  • Created multiple eTeams
  • Created multiple folders to upload common files
  • Create recurring Calendar events
  • Wrote custom invitation to unit owners
  • Wrote Reception Area Welcome Messages for multiple eTeams
  • Upload common files