When Old Customer(s) Return

Same-Page has been in business for 15 years and we really got to know some of the Admins for our thousands of customers along the way. Over the years we served as a web portal for the touring production for a band that uses a tongue as a logo (yes that one). We also played an important role in helping a fledgling bio-tech company manage their operations and find major underwriting. We’ve seen many companies go belly up because of recession influences on budgets and we’ve had some merge with their own competitors.

Last week we had two past Admins signed up for new eStudios because they got new jobs. As project manager and as office manager these two Admins are major influences in their companies (Video Surveillance and Big Data) and they choose to start new subscriptions of eStudio. Both Admins provided significant feedback and helped us make our product better.

We look forward to collaborating with our new “old” customers.