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The paperless office has been the dream of managers ever since the computer became common in workplaces decades ago. For many smaller businesses, this dream has not become a reality. Until recently, only the largest of enterprises could afford the prohibitive cost of implementing an effective digital document management software.
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Now, all of that has changed with the document management features which have been built into our eStudio collaboration software. For a small monthly fee, you can have your employees, freelancers and clients using a document management system that rivals the expensive in-house systems of the largest enterprises. The eStudio 6 solution includes 150 megabytes of storage with the option to purchase more as needed.

Our eStudio document management software will increase productivity and save money. You will save countless hours currently wasted by employees searching for misfiled documents. You will save on the cost of making and storing hard copies. You will save time wasted in sending e-mail attachments that do not arrive at their destination. You will avoid important documents landing up in the wrong hands. Most important, you will be certain that everyone on your team is working from the same page.

The document management software is located on our servers and is maintained and backed up by our expert IT staff. There is no nothing to download or keep updated. eStudio is accessible using any computer connected to the Internet. The user authentication system allows you to control who has access to the system, as well as to which documents within the system. Try it free for 30 days and see what an enterprise-level document management software can do for your business.

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