Selecting the right scheduling software for your company

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From call centers to service companies, from real estate office to public relations companies, from government agencies to freelance design firms everyone needs to manage schedules. Fortunately, online solutions for scheduling exist that make the process a simple and intuitive one – reducing your stress level while maintaining an accurate flow of scheduling information. When looking for a simple scheduling solution there are a number of factors you need to consider in order to find the best solution for your needs.

Traditional programs vs. Web applications

Printing schedules is always a problem. A web based scheduling solution gives you and your employees the ability to log in and collaborate on your staff schedules in real time. Being entirely web based, there are no IT requirements other than a web browser and no need to download or install software. Online scheduling software not only provide a convenient, central location for all scheduling data but also offer a quick and easy solution that can be accessed anywhere, from any web browser.

Simple & intuitive interface

The key to staff scheduling is in its ease of use and access to everyone’s calendar. Effective online scheduling software needs to provide an intuitive and informative interface. Administers can quickly add, view, and amend schedules as well as employee information and other details. In turn, employees receive email notifications of events and will receive reminder notices. They can easily log in and view and accept their schedule. Complex interfaces tend to lead to an unwillingness to use the software.

Smart phone access

You should consider services that offer a smart phone experience. This enables all users who have smart phones to see their schedules from their phone browser via a special URL. This URL is automatically updated like an RSS feed.

Additional features

Just because an scheduling software program offers easy staff scheduling doesn’t it shouldn’t offer more advanced options. You need to be able to Generate reports about staff, allow some people to see the personal events of others, publish company events to the web, track RSVPs to events, and insure that there are double booking controls in place. A portal page allows staff to be updated of any important dates or announcements. Budget tracking will let you forecast and keep track of your costs. All these features make for powerful but simple scheduling software for your organization.

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