Scheduling Calendar Can Put Your Team on the Same-Page

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The difference between a wildly successful business and one that is struggling to survive is often quite small. Successful businesses have employees that know what to do and when to do it. Struggling businesses are often scenes of chaos, with employees unaware of the status of their assignments or even their role in a particular project. The key to coordinating employee efforts is groupware or collaboration software, and the scheduling calendar is the cornerstone of great groupware.

At Same-Page, we have included an easy-to-use online scheduling calendar in our eStudio collaboration software. With no software to download, update or backup, your employees can access the scheduling calendar from any computer with an internet connection. The web calendar is part of a comprehensive groupware suite that includes project management, task tracking, document management, file sharing, contact management and more–20 tools in all.

Scheduling Calendar view

Scheduling Calendar view

Your employees can post meetings, schedule appointments, initiate event notifications and set up auto-reminders and RSVPs. The scheduling software features supervisor views and reports that make it easy to keep your business moving forward and on track. You can post deadlines and assign next step responsibilities.

Events can be updated by group or by individual, and they can be exported to Outlook or even published to your website. There is no limit and no charge for the number of users that can be added to the system. Best of all, you can have the eStudio online scheduling calendar working for you in minutes by signing up for our 30 day free trial.

Scheduling Software Free Trial

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