Disorganized and dispersed companies are often managed by email and result in conflicting calendars and multiple versions of files. Searching through several versions of a single document on chaotic desktops and via email strings wastes resources and creates confusion. It’s time for businesses to stop running like it’s the 1990s and get employees, vendors and customers on the ‘same page’ with the Same-Page.com eStudio suite. Research shows that the average employee performs ineffective searches and wastes time looking for information, which can cost companies up to 10% in salary expenses. Common problems of a disorganized business include poor email management, scheduling conflicts, multiple versions of important documents, and project management bottlenecks. Offices of all sizes can enter the America’s Most Disorganized Office Contest to win a one-year cloud computing organizational makeover through Same-Page.com, a website that offers software packages to help businesses get organized and on the track to success.

The average employee wastes an hour each day searching for documents and information in their office and on computers. This costs American businesses $5,200 per year per employee* in lost productivity. An organized business is more profitable, successful and even a more enjoyable place to work. We want you to get your business, employees and vendors organized and on the “same page.”

Don’t be embarrassed – snap a picture, grab that video camera, draft a witty comment or write a poem about your disorganized workplace. Just make sure that you are sharing the real story about your office!


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